Our Prices

We will make a multi-sprue (excluding cost of mould) for £5.00 per piece on sprue , but only if you ask us to.

There will be a charge of 15p for snipping sprues off multis.

* Small size1-5 Items (minimum charge) – £14.60
Small sizeUp to 19 Items£2.90 each
Small size20 items & over£2.40 each
* small size-roughly up to 35 x 50mm
* Large size1-5 Items (minimum charge)*£29.00
Large size Single casting – up to 19 items  £5.90 each
Large sizeSingle casting – large, over 20 items  £4.90 each
* large size-roughly up to 50 x 70mm, for particularly large pieces, we will quote
Ring – grind the inside of the ring ready to polish – 75p per ring
remove an inside sprue – 65p per ring
grind off the outside sprue & smooth – £1.00 per ring
Bangle – remove an inside sprue & grind inside – £1.90 per bangle

Rubber mould: standard size (40 x 60) £16.60
Rubber mould: medium size (50 x 80) £20.40
Rubber mould: large size (65 x 140) £25.40

Cold mould: standard size £19.60
Cold mould: medium size £32.00
Cold mould: large size-price calculated by weight from £36.50
(500g – £41, 1000g – £62.50 etc.)
See ‘Ramblings‘ for more detail on sizes etc.

NEXT POST CASTING: only if you supply the waxes
(maximum of 5 waxes): £30 premium

Prices do not include VAT @ 20%
Metal: @ cost based on daily Cookson.com grain price plus 17%

For 14ct, 18ct and above, casting cost is 3 x normal price, e.g. A single casting in 18ct White would be 3 x £2.90 = £8.70.

All castings are supplied with sprues snipped off & pin polished.
Target delivery time 7 days – sometimes shorter, sometimes longer

Stone-set pieces can be cast but need their own flask, and this is at entirely your own risk.

Sorry but… all natural objects are subject to 3x normal casting charges. They take AGES and often fail.

OWN METAL (GOLD): We will use customers’ own gold in special situations – small flask £25.00, medium £50, large £75 plus standard 17% mark-up on your gold used.

MASTERS – We insure your masters up to £250 each only

FINISHING: we provide a finishing service for 20 or more pieces. This takes bench & machine time, so please ask for a quote.

Jewellery Casting Scotland, Carradale, Argyll. PA28 6QG
01583 431 683

– and you must read THE RAMBLINGS OF A CASTER

We can cast:

Sterling Silver, Britannia Silver

9ct White Gold, 9ct Yellow Gold, 9ct Red Gold

14ct White Gold, 14ct Yellow Gold

18ct White Gold, 18ct Yellow Gold, 18ct Red Gold

22ct Yellow Gold

Red and Silicon Bronze, Brass, Nickel Silver

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COVID-19 Update


We are still open and working through your orders as quickly as we can.

Please be aware that the rules are a wee bit different up in Scotland than the rest of the country.

Many thanks and stay safe!

Mike Hurst, MD

Jewellery Casting Scotland Ltd.